So Many Games in February!

Stranger Things coming to VR, YouTube coming to Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest is selling well

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📣 If you only read one thing today 📣

🚀 Lots of games launching in February: based on your device, you might be interested in the list for Quest, for PC VR or here’s one with what’s available now for Apple Vision Pro.

🥳 But there’s more:

YouTube is coming to Apple Vision Pro.

Stranger Things coming to VR in February.

Meta Quest is becoming the default PC VR device on Steam as well.

eXtend your gaming:

Welcome to XR Gamer Digest #7

Discounts and Tips

🤩 Don’t forget you can get up to 25% discounts when you buy a game from the Meta Quest store. Go here and look for your game (we’re not affiliated with the website, but it’s a great tool).

📺 Youtube announced they will make an app for Vision Pro, after all, but if you want one, you can get the one made by Christian Selig (the guy that made Apollo for Reddit) here.

XR Games

🙃 "Stranger Things VR" launches on Meta Quest on February 22, 2024, priced at $29.99 with a 10% pre-order discount.

🦹‍♀️ If you didn’t play Project Demigod yet, where you are a superhero in a comic book saga, maybe this interview will make you reconsider.

🐠 "TinyFins," a Mixed Reality app by Ditached for Apple Vision Pro, transforms your living space into an underwater world for just under $5. Players guide a school of fish through obstacles by hand movements, aiming to collect rings and avoid predators like squid, pufferfish, and sharks.

🧛‍♂️ "Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice," a VR stealth adventure by Fast Travel Games, is now available on PC VR with a 20% launch discount. The game has been updated on Quest platforms with new features.

 🥷 Unleash your inner Bruce Lee with "Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu," inspired by classic kung fu movies, is set to release on the Meta Quest Store on February 8th. The game features 40 characters, each with unique fighting styles, perks, and weaknesses, allowing players to experience diverse combat scenarios.

👻 Ghosts of Tabor launched officially on the Quest store yesterday. It’s a survival-extraction shooter where you and your squad must scavenge for supplies, take down enemy factions (both player- and AI-controlled), and escape with your haul.

👻 If you’re an Among Us VR fan, you’re in luck. The game just got upgraded with new new roles, time limited game modes, and events.

⚾️ "C-Smash VRS," a VR game reimagining a Sega Dreamcast classic, is set to release on Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Pico 4 VR headsets on April 4, 2024. Initially exclusive to PSVR 2, the game offers a futuristic sports experience inspired by the arcade title Cosmic Smash, featuring elements of squash, tennis, and racquetball. Pre-orders are available with an initial 10% discount.

🔨 BlackForge VR, a VR smithing simulator by Mana Brigade, is set to release on Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, Quest Pro, and PC VR in 2024. A free demo is currently available on SideQuest and Steam as part of the Next Fest event, featuring an introduction to weaponsmithing and playable quests.

🧛‍♂️ "Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire," a VR puzzle game by Schell Games, is launching on Quest platforms in 2024, featuring stealth-based gameplay against vampires in a spooky mansion setting.

Here’s the trailer below:

XR News

🥽 Meta’s Revenue Labs announced record revenues on the back of the Quest 3 launch. And this is visible in the Steam charts as well, where Quest 3 is the 3rd in VR devices, quickly closing in on Valve’s Index and behind the Quest 2.

📈 And people in the industry ask themselves if Meta sold more than 500,000 Quest 3 devices. Our sources told us there’s around 1.3 million Quest 3’s sold already.

💰 StatusPro has secured $20 million in funding from Google Ventures and other investors to expand its XR sports gaming empire. The company, based in New York and Miami, aims to revolutionize sports gaming with virtual reality, having already launched NFL Pro Era and NFL Pro Era II on platforms like Meta Quest 3 and PlayStation VR 2.

🌐 3D Creation-Tool Polycam raises $18M and is now available on Vision Pro. The company's tools, which use computer vision and AI, enable users to create photorealistic 3D assets.

Until next time, enjoy your other reality gaming!

Bobby Voicu

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Did you know?

The first-ever game released for the Meta/Oculus Quest was "Dead and Buried II."

This game, developed by Oculus Studios and Gunfire Games, was launched alongside the Oculus Quest headset itself in May 2019.

"Dead and Buried II" is a multiplayer first-person shooter game set in the Wild West, where players engage in various competitive multiplayer modes, such as shootout battles and cooperative horde modes.

It showcased the capabilities of the Oculus Quest as a standalone VR gaming device, offering immersive gameplay without the need for a PC or external sensors.