Quest gets the new Five Nights at Freddy's

Pokémon creators launch an MR pet, JFK gets a VR documentary and Steam improves Steam Link on Quest

XR = eXtended Reality (everything VR, AR, MR)

📣 If you only read one thing today 📣

🖐️ Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2 is available since Thursday on the Meta Quest, priced at $39.99.

It was available on Steam and PSVR 2 initially, but now you can play it on your Quest as well.

🥳 But there’s more:

Niantic (the creators of Pokémon Go) launch a Mixed Reality pet game.

You can watch JFK’s assassination in VR. Sort of.

And Stanford students might have created an interesting tech for AR devices.

eXtend your gaming:

Welcome to XR Gamer Digest #19

Discounts and Tips

🤩 Don’t forget you can get up to 25% discounts when you buy a game from the Meta Quest store. Go here and look for your game (we’re not affiliated with the website, but it’s a great tool).

🔗 Steam is confirming their “good guy” persona with an update that improves Steam Link on the Quest 3.

XR Games

🖐️ Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2 is available since Thursday on the Meta Quest, priced at $39.99. It was available on Steam and PSVR 2, but now you can play it on your Quest as well.

🐰 Niantic, the creators of the super hit Pokémon Go, launched “Hello, Dot”, a new mixed reality virtual pet game. It’s now available on Quest 3.

🤹 If you own an Apple Vision Pro, the best WebXR game of the year is coming your way: The Escape Artist will offer a more intuitive and immersive experience, without relying on traditional controllers.

🔍 The Murder of Sherlock Holmes, a VR escape room game, launches today, May 10, challenging players to solve the iconic detective’s murder at 221B Baker Street.

🔫 Swarm 2, the Meta Quest hit, is coming soon to Steam.

👦 Smalland: Survive the Wilds VR is now available on Quest. It’s a single-player survival adventure where players craft, tame creatures, and explore a world where everything is giant-sized.

3️⃣ If you’re not yet decided between Quest 2 and 3, here’s a list of all the games exclusive to Quest 3. And keep in mind this list will get bigger. Including the new Batman: Arkham Shadows.

🏹 Last Ancient Hope is a VR game where you play as a young tribe member using innovative bow mechanics and environmental tactics to survive in a vividly interactive prehistoric Amazon jungle.

😢 Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate is postponed to September. The reason? The rebuild using Unreal Engine 5 proved a little more complicated and the team wants to offer the best game they can make.

XR Entertainment

🎯 JFK Memento is a VR documentary that revisits lesser-known stories related to President Kennedy's assassination. It blends live interviews and archival footage in immersive virtual environments, trying to offer a fresh perspective on that fateful day in Dallas.

XR News

🥽 Is this tech, created by Stanford’s Computational Imaging Lab, the missing link to improve AR headsets for mainstream adoption?

📺 Meta Reality Labs is exploring advanced AR displays and AI integrations to push the boundaries of immersive technology and strengthen their position in the XR market.

🧑‍🧑‍🧒‍🧒 Parents are not adequately addressing the unique privacy and security risks associated with their children's use of virtual reality, despite rising concerns about the potential harms of VR technologies on kids' development and safety.

Until next time, enjoy your other reality gaming!

Bobby Voicu

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Did you know?

Batman: Arkham VR was released in October 2016. The game takes you deep into Gotham's dark corners, but with a twist. Instead of the usual fistfights, this VR game has you stepping into Batman's boots to crack puzzles and solve crimes.

Developed for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive, it's all about using your detective skills and playing with cool gadgets like Batarangs and the Batclaw.

The game really nails the 'feel' of being Batman. You can explore the Batcave, tinker with gear, and even check yourself out in the Batsuit using a VR mirror.