Gorilla Tag over $100M revenues

Meta Reality Labs restructured, new VR investment rounds, UploadVR Showcase starting soon

XR = eXtended Reality (everything VR, AR, MR)

📣 If you only read one thing today 📣

😎 🦍 'Gorilla Tag' has surpassed $100 million in revenue.

  • 10 million lifetime players

  • 3 million monthly active users

  • 1 million daily active users

🚀 This makes the game one of VR's most successful, in just 3 years since launch.

🧢 Most revenues in the game are generated from game cosmetics.

🥳 But there’s more:

The UploadVR Summer Showcase stars on June 26.

Meta rearranges Reality Labs in “Wearables” and “Metaverse”.

There are some new investments in VR/MR.

Track Craft adds a VR mode, going from MR to fully immersive.

eXtend your gaming:

Welcome to XR Gamer Digest #20

Discounts and Tips

🥽 Meta is now offering refurbished Quest 3 headsets at a 10 percent discount in its US store.

🤩 Don’t forget you can get up to 25% discounts when you buy a game from the Meta Quest store. Go here and look for your game (we’re not affiliated with the website, but it’s a great tool).

🎥 The new Netflix experience on Quest 3 allows streaming in FullHD through the Meta Quest Browser, offering both window and full-screen modes, but lacks 4K support and a download option.

XR Games

🦍 'Gorilla Tag' has surpassed $100 million in revenue, making it one of VR's most successful games.

🕵️ Among Us VR introduces a new Vigilante role and customization options in the 'DUM Justice' event.

🧑‍⚖️ Taskmaster VR launched on Meta Quest, allowing players to solve challenging puzzle scenarios inspired by the popular reality show.

♟️ Neon Squad Tactics, a cyberpunk VR turn-based strategy game, launched on Quest with a Steam release planned for later this year.

💧 PowerWash Simulator introduces the "Alice's Adventures Special Pack" DLC, taking players to clean five iconic Wonderland locations.

🚨 Also, Escape Simulator VR introduces a PowerWash Simulator DLC, turning the garage into an escape room, available June 20 on Steam.

🏌️ Walkabout Mini Golf receives a major update with new game modes and an enhanced Cherry Blossom course.

🏎️ Track Craft, formerly a mixed reality exclusive, now offers full VR mode with new features and will move to the main Quest Store in August.

⏳ Chrono Weaver is a single-player VR puzzle game featuring time travel and physics-based challenges, where you collaborate with copies of yourself to solve puzzles.

🧯 Slap Fighter VR, inspired by '90s action movies, brings story-driven urban combat with elemental powers to Quest and Steam in Q1 2025.

XR Entertainment

🏃 Meta Quest's Zengence combines breathing exercises with VR action to improve mental health.

🥽 Valve is testing a panel mode for Steam Link on Meta Quest, allowing 2D game streaming directly into your passthrough view or virtual environment.

🤝 Steelcase and Logitech have launched ‘Ocular View’ to enhance hybrid collaboration through immersive XR experiences. 

💻 And here's how to determine if your PC is VR ready.

✍️ Logitech MX Ink is a Meta-supported, tracked stylus for Quest 2 and 3 headsets, designed for both 2D and 3D creativity, launching at the end of September for $130. 

🎶 Draw & Code and 302 Interactive launch FanPort, a customizable social mixed-reality platform for immersive fan and brand engagement at LBE venues.

🌍 Wander on Meta Quest continues to offer a magical experience by letting users travel the world and time using Google Street View in VR.

XR News

🤑 Distance Technologies Oy announces its $2.7M funding and launch of glasses-free XR technology for automotive, aerospace, and defense industries.

🤑 Gracia AI launches AI-powered volumetric video tools for spatial computing and secures $1.2M investment to enhance VR content diversity and rapid production.

🤝 Meta is restructuring Reality Labs into two groups, 'Wearables' and 'Metaverse,' to better focus on Ray-Ban smartglasses and other hardware, resulting in some layoffs.

⏯️ Meta's CTO explains that the Quest 3's Augments feature is delayed due to system architecture limitations, leading to a complete redesign, with an expected launch in 2024.

👓 VOY Glasses introduces tunable prescription lenses for VR headsets, solving the issue of shared device use in public and enterprise settings.

🧤 WEART unveils the TouchDIVER Pro haptic glove with enhanced actuation points and full hand tracking, set to debut at AWE 2024 for enterprise applications.

🚊 BNSF partners with HaptX and RoundTable Learning to enhance railway operational safety through VR training and haptic feedback.

🩺 VR therapy offers immersive and interactive simulations that help patients build confidence and self-esteem, supported by real-life or virtual therapists.

🎙️ The UploadVR Summer Showcase on June 26 will feature a range of new mixed reality gaming content, highlighting impressive work from various developers.

🧤 Taqtile is launching its Manifest work-instruction platform for DigiLens ARGO smartglasses, enhancing deskless workers' efficiency with advanced hand-tracking and spatial computing.

🎞️ Varjo unveils Teleport, a new service for creating photorealistic 3D reality capture scans from an iPhone, viewable on various devices.

👓 Rokid’s new AR Lite glasses bundle includes upgraded smart glasses and a handheld compute module running Android, eliminating the need for a phone.

🧑‍💻 Niantic has launched Niantic Studio, a new tool to simplify building web-based XR and 3D experiences.

Until next time, enjoy your other reality gaming!

Bobby Voicu

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