Have You Ever Used the Elite Strap?

Apple Vision Pro is open for preorders, Quest 2 BF discount is back and some games launched this week

XR = eXtended Reality (everything VR, AR, MR)

📣 If you only read one thing today 📣

🥹 The best tip I can give you regarding your Quest 3 is to get an Elite Strap, if possible.

🤕 I got it at a friend’s suggestion and it changed the way I use my Quest. Previously, I hated putting it on, arranging the device on my head and I often decided not to play.

⏩ The Elite Strap changed everything about this. Now it’s a 2-3 seconds process. I have the cheaper one, without the battery, since I only play short sessions.

🥳 But there’s more:

Quest 2 Black Friday discount is back!

Retropolis 2 just launched. Bulletstorm VR is not well reviewed.

Apple Vision Pro is starting preorders today.

eXtend your gaming:

Welcome to XR Gamer Digest #4

Discounts and Tips

🤩 Don’t forget you can get up to 25% discounts when you buy a game from the Meta Quest store. Go here and look for your game (we’re not affiliated with the website, but it’s a great tool).

🔻 Meta Quest 2’s Black Friday discount is back and, apparently, here to stay. You can get it for less than $249 now, for the 128GB version.

📹 If you have an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, you can record spatial videos. Normally they’re intended for Vision Pro, but you can watch them with the Quest 3 as well. Here’s how.

XR Games

🔫 Vail VR is launching on February 15th on Quest and Steam. It’s a competitive 5v5 tactical shooter that supports cross-platform multiplayer.

👋 Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye just launched on Meta Quest App Lab and Steam. This is the sequel to the point-and-click adventure The Secret of Retropolis, the great game of 2021.

⛳️ If you want to play golf at the top Eiffel Tower, you’re in luck! Walkabout Mini Golf just announced an “Around the World in 80 Days” DLC that includes 1889 Paris.

🔫 Bulletstorm VR just launched and the reviews are not the best.

🧛‍♂️ ‘Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice’ is coming to PC VR after launching on Quest and PSVR2 last year. You will also get a 20% discount at launch.

⚔️ Grimlord, a Soulslike-inspired VR action RPG, is now available on Quest App Lab.

🚃 If you’re interested in toy trains, this game is probably up your alley: the review of Toy Trains might make you get the game.

🧟‍♂️ The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is finally taking full advantage of the Quest 3’s hardware advancements, says the studio. You just need to update the game.

🪈 If you ever wondered how Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time would look like in VR, there’s a youtuber that made a video about it.

🏆 If you just started on your VR/MR journey, this list of the best games for Quest 2 and Quest 3 will surely help you. And this list of 14 promising games in 2024 will make you look to the future.

XR News

🥽 The Apple Vision Pro is starting preorders today and some early hands-on can be found on the web.

👀 Here’s what you need to know about pre-ordering the Apple Vision Pro. And, since you probably won’t buy 2 of them, even if you afford one, there’s a “guest” mode for the device, apparently. This way, your friends can try it, as well.

📺 Meta restores the Quest’s TV casting capability 2 weeks after removing it. They also added some more developer features, making it easier to add shadows and highlights to digital objects.

🕶️ LG CEO says they might launch an XR device in 2025. More competition is better for us.

🤑 And competition might come from Magic Leap as well, who announced a new round of investment of $590M from the Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

😔 In a surprising piece of news, WIMO Games, the developer of Micro Machines, just announced they are shutting down the studio.

Until next time, enjoy your other reality gaming!

Bobby Voicu

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In 1995, Nintendo released the Virtual Boy, a portable console that displayed "true 3D graphics" in red and black.

It was a commercial failure due to its high price, lack of color graphics, and discomfort caused to the users.

It got discontinued in 1996, being one of the shortest lived Nintendo consoles ever.